Resilient in the New Year

In the nearly four months since Hurricanes Irma (and then Maria) struck the USVI, the people of St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix have demonstrated remarkable grace and courage in adversity and recovery.

Not the least of those are several members of the Plastic-Free Island: St. John Working Group who remained on island and weathered the storms then pushed through the tough days and weeks of recovery that have followed. We are eternally grateful for their grit, determination and service to others.

Looking ahead, we're also proud that core plastic-free island concepts will go forward in the new year on St. John. The newly formed Sustainability Work Group, an integral part of the St. John Angel Network's Long-Term Recovery Team formed by the St. John Community Foundation and its non-profit partners, has already signaled that plastic-free initiatives will continue as part of the long-term strategy.

Thanks to so many of you who share the goal to reduce and eliminate single-use plastic on St. John and across the USVI. A small movement that started in 2016 grew exponentially in awareness in 2017. Building plastic-free thinking into resiliency planning is another way the storms -- as horrible as they were -- can lead to a positive re-set.

Stay tuned.