100 Years: Past, Present & Future

As the U.S. Virgin Islands commemorates 100 years since its transfer from Denmark to the United States, all who struggled and worked to build the Virgin Islands since 1917 are worthy of the many tributes now under way and continuing throughout 2017.

In addition to acknowledging the challenges stated by Gov. Mapp and the Centennial Commission, we plan to do our part. We intend to help the Territory rid itself of a 2oth Century environmental hazard that still plagues our islands today: single-use plastic. After all, when the United States territory was created in 1917, there was NO PLASTIC here.

Already, many local merchants, retailers and restaurant owners have stepped up to the Plastic-Free Island challenge. But change is not always easy, simple or even clear. Confusion about plastic alternatives, such as bio-plastics and compostables, is rampant locally.

We pledge to try to assist the many who want to do the right thing by providing more and better information and guidance about plastic-free purchasing.

Fortunately, the problem of disposable plastic won’t take 100 years to solve. Refuse single-use, disposable plastic. Choose reusable containers, glass or paper.

It’s up to us to protect this beautiful place for the next 1oo years and beyond. Doing something today to curb the use and flow of these unnecessary disposables tomorrow will help make a healthier, more vibrant economy and island community, both today and after Transfer Day 2017.