Privateer Homeowners Clear Incoming Plastic Debris

On a remote, hard-to-access, seldom-visited section of beach on St. John's east end, a group of Privateer Bay homeowners spent Oct. 1 gathering up and hauling away 250 pounds and 350 gallons of washed-up debris in seven 55-gallon trash bags.

Plastic bottles and caps dominated the haul, which was whisked away in an electric ATV (operated by PFI's own Doug White). A large amount of marine debris, including a refrigerator, was also recovered and removed from this particular stretch of coastline.

As St. John residents and visitors increase their focus on reducing single-use plastics, the scourge of plastic debris arriving on our local shores from elsewhere remains a daunting challenge.

It's why carrying the message of disposable plastic impacts far and wide is so essential. As Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, founder of Plastic Free July, wrote: "The volume of plastic production, the ubiquitous nature of disposable plastic and the habits of modern consumerism mean that the problem is larger than any one organisation or stakeholder."

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