We believe…

1.  It’s essential that we eliminate single-use plastic to protect and preserve St. John.

2.  Single-use plastic discards are negatively impacting the island (“the straw that got away”). These disposables are from St. John and float here from elsewhere. No man is an island.

3.  Recycling plastic is not a viable long-term solution. (Aluminum recycling is available but plastics recovery is not.)

4.  Composting, while beneficial, is not currently a solution available on St. John.

5.  Stainless steel cups and other refill options are ideal: We must choose alternative single-use containers and refillable products whenever possible.

6.  Banning single-use plastic bags is a vital step forward: We must support alternative bags.

7.  Landfills on islands are limited: Ours are full and one is due to close in 2019.

8. The time is now. We must lead, model and inspire positive change to protect our coastal environment.

9. St. John can be an aspirational island that demonstrates sound choices in coastal protection.